Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Blog Shirts are Up and Proud!

Could be your very own shirt of different color.

My friend, Twerlyn who is in Cebu City, was very kind and generous to place her orders of my personalized blog shirts. She indeed ordered two! I have my fellow Generals as well, who ordered their stuffs of their desired colors and sizes and prints. I am only very glad that Twerlyn is indeed a proud blogger, enough to boost it on print and on her blog!

Twerlyn's very own picture on my blog shirt!

Mark Aethen, a blogger-friend from Marbel but now in Manila, was proud enough to wear this blog shirt in our very own store.

With Aethen and his proud blog shirt!

So, if you wish to have your personalized blog-related texts with designs, let me know.