Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Loooooong Weekend

Since it is Saturday today, I attended again my masteral schooling in Notre Dame Marbel University. The 2-hour travel has become a routine to me every Saturday. myspace graphic comments

We had hurdled well our previous semester's subjects as I received all my passing marks. Though, I was quite disappointed with one professor who gave me a lower grade than my groupmate who had submitted exactly the same exam answers with mine. This only showed that the professor had based his grades not on merits but by whom he knows. My groupmate works in the same school where the professor is holding a position. I am not actually grade conscious but of course, I deserve anything that is fairly due for my efforts. Nagyawyaw ang kalag! hahahhaahh!

Well, though this dampened my spirit, I had to attend to my new subjects this semester. We were given earlier some laboratory works on JAVA programming. And, OMG, it really blew off my mind. I indeed wish, I went to IT masteral schooling when I was younger. The programming languages now are all new and so my generation languages are indeed of yesteryears!

I somehow blamed myself and my partner for getting myself to this headache. And, unlike our usual weekend schedules, we have now Sunday classes. Goodness! I cant anymore breath.haahhahahahh!

Our supposed schedule of mountaineering and Kayak adventures in Samal Islands this Dec. 13-14 are now officially canceled as we have our weekend classes. I really wish to stop but then I have gone this far to call it quits. AJA Rosilie! I know this will soon get over, come 3 more semesters, what?!!!!!!!! hahahhahahahh! myspace graphic comments