Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long Travel for Our Shirts

With Carlo from Las Pinas

Several days ago, I was quite surprised to receive a mail from a visitor of my blog, Carlo of Ar-wee-der-yet, a travel blogger from Las Pinas. He was asking of my shirts and told him that I can print something special for him. So, he decided to drop by from his trip in Davao.

I wasn't expecting a very young, good looking and well-mannered gentleman though.Hahahhahhaha! Ang ingay-ingay ko tuloy from all the rants and nonsense I had been talking and sharing to him. Yikes!!!!!

Waiting for our lunch

We brought him out for lunch and stayed over in one of the malls here as it was a very hot day as his flight from Davao was rescheduled to GenSan. So, it really made his visit more valuable to us. I missed my classes because it is not a usual occurrence to meet a blogger and make real friendship. Through my shirts, I get to see and hear great people. Yepey!!!

We bid goodbyes together but, I indeed earned a new friend. Thanks Carlo for the visit, you made our day great!!!