Thursday, November 13, 2008

Done Masteral Requirements

The group and I had finally hurdled our last requirements for our masteral as last enrolment will be next Saturday. It means, schooling is due again next week for second semester. Whew! I am indeed really getting tired of this. This is indeed one of my impulsive behavior, hahahahahahha, getting myself in a sticky situation with all my enthusiasm and then next thing I wake up, I am in deep hole, too late to get out. The good side is, I am at least responsible for all bad and good impulsive decisions I have had made.

Amidst the strong rain, we went to see our professor for the project presentation. Goodness, we were all soaked in the rain with pitying looks for a passing grade hahahhahahh! Hope our professor will have his grand mercy on us. I am all home bundled with couple of clothes to warm me up. Geez, my rheumatism is killing me from the cold.

I have 3 semesters left. Though I am done with my other masteral degree, having the second one is indeed a big pain in my wacky head. Well, I have to endure this since I pulled my guts to even start it anyway.

I am indeed crazy. . .