Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let's Go Party!

These are the few Admin heads and the ITE Faculty!

THe ITE Faculty and the beautiful me!Hahahhahah!
My ITE Freshmen students (just the few!)

The ITE Junior students and their pacute teacher!

Last August 1, our school its college acquaintance party. So, our ITE department hold it in a hotel by the pool.

Around 260 students were contained in the hotel's function room. THey seemed to happy to be contained on their seat as they kept on hopping from one table to another.hehehhehhe

BUt, it is nice to mingle with them. Only then, I realized that we have a big number of students. So, the program was filled with games and too many entertaining intermissions from them. I was supposed to give the closing remarks after the dinner, but my, after their dinner, they went straight to the pool. So, I ended up, getting their wacky pictures instead.hahahhahah. Poor Teacher!

They all had great fun. I had a great fun!