Saturday, August 23, 2008

How Flirty Can You Be?

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Have you played Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game? I know I am quite flirty but I just dont know to what extent. How about you? How good are your skills? My, I might want to learn more!!!!!

Before, I was quite a shy person as I did not really value my beauty inside and out, and so when my friends and fellow college students flirt around with me, they just got me blush and run off. When they invited me for a social date, I would usually say, I had school stuffs to do. Ooopps! Now, that blew them off!!!!! So, I then thought that I was not all beautiful, only very smart for them.

But, when you age and as you experience life's ups and downs and meet new people and go through different experiences, you will really realize your worth, especially the charm and beauty you can exude that the opposite sex can really be attracted to. How? with my sweet and sincere smile, flushy cheeks and charming eyes and kind character, not to include slim figure, good men, couldnt just resist. My, how many times did I get an invite from opposite men of different age range, at my age, that is really compliment!

So, why dont you try this Ultimate Flirting Championship by grabbing the Flirting Widget above and just boost this on your blog and see how men can respond to your charm and grace? I am quite excited to know how well do you do on this. Good Luck Girls!!!!

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