Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yummy Great American Seafood Recipes!

Texas Gulf Shrimp
by Chef Mark Holley, Texas

I am quite an eater of delicious-looking food especially if one of the dishes is shrimp. I always love its sweet taste and aroma.

So, when I saw this Texas Gulf Shrimp of Chef Mark Holley from Texas with a very attractive arrangement from the 5 top recipes from, I just fell in love with the recipe.

What is so great about the recipe is that, aside that shrimps are rich in protein, they are enriched with other healthy ingredients, like egg, cheese, milk and beans. Unique also is how Chef Mark topped the hominy cakes with heirloom tomato relish drizzled with prickly pear gastrique.

If I have to adopt recipe of Chef Mark and use local ingredients, I shall mix the shrimps with my other favorite vegetable, coconut offshoots, sautee these together with scrambled eggs, and cheese. My this recipe will be all delicious if paired with some rice. This is also good with my other favorite vegetables, like ampalaya, eggplant, beans with carrots. I would want to try to cook off these ingredients as part of my omelet. Nothing can sure beat a healthy breakfast or meal for a very busy day.

Do you also love seafoods? GenSan City is quite rich with sea foods and at very very affordable prices. Our pride is the Yellow Fin Tuna which can weigh as much as 50 tons for a piece. This and other seafoods are available here. Not only that we can just buy them at any time, but they are also guaranteed fresh and rich with protein. So why dont you cook off with sea foods and have these as part of your healthy diet? Eating healthier doesnt mean we have to be expensive with our meals.

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