Thursday, August 28, 2008

My First Body Tattoo!

My sister Xeria's Stuff!

Hmmnn, does the tattoo look good on me or the other way around?

My other sister, Annie and husband, Jhonkie!

My sister, Tammy with her share!

In celebration of GenSan's Foundation Day, they have flea markets and all to culminate the event. ANd, to at least have fun while the celebration is still high, my sisters and I decided to have our body tattoos! I had to endure the tickles and all, just to have my first experience of tattoo. My, after the tattooing, I had to run to my next class and felt silly with just what I had done. Hehehehheheh!

For a 31 years old lady, nothing is really too late especially doing it with the family and friends! I forgot, all these are henna stuffs, they shall fade in 2 weeks, by then, I can get new designs on other body parts. Hmnnnn, where could be the other better spot?Hahahhahahah!