Thursday, August 14, 2008

Angels AMong Friends

My co-administrators in my old school! I miss their wisdom and warm friendship!

My childhood buddies! Been friends since grade 1
(imagine, our endurance and tolerance of one another Hahahhaha)
My other two sisters on one morning jog!

My new working family! More wacky!

My boss and buddy since college days!

Do you believe in angels? I am not a conservative Catholic but I always believe that Good Samaritans are just around us.

When you hold titles, money and power, false friends are abound but your true friends are just watching on the backdrop, happier of what you have achieved. But, you cant really test true nature of relationships until you see them through hard times, and that is what I have recently found out.

I was all introvert before with my whole world revolving only around my family and work but separation had kicked me hard and difficult. So, instead of wallowing in self-pity and hatred, I began to love myself more, and reach out to others. I am quite amazed, how through blogging and other net media, I had met great friends who had shown their sympathy and support even if I am a stranger to them, old friends who are still there, cheering me up even if I keep on repeating the same lines of sentiments, hahahahaha, my biological family, who in spite of my insanity and stubbornness, still choose to support my decision whatever is the consequence. All these people are my good Samaritans, angels in disguise (I wont say, devils too as it will spoil the drama.hahahahah).

Thank you my fellow-blogger friends, old and new friends. The heaven will be overcrowded with your presence. Hahahhahah!