Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happiness Money Cant Really Buy

Sometime in April, I made this post of listing reasons why life is still beautiful in spite of our ups and downs. I have achieved various honors and recognitions academically and professionally, but nothing can really compare and compensate the joy that I had felt from simple life's pleasures that I often ignore. So I want to update my list, as I have new blessings to be happy about even after separation.

So, here is my updated list of simple-but-overwhelming-reasons why I have to continue moving on and loving life and people around me:

1. smell the sweet aroma of coffee and freshly cut grass;
2. hear the chuckles of a tickled baby, and now my new nephew Ziggy;
3. see my baby pictures with old friends;
4. hear the outburst laughters of my son and nephew whenever I bring them ice cream;
5. read love letters of my ex's;
6. exchange greetings with my officemates, janitors and the guards;
7. exchange text messages with old friends;
8. jog with my sister in early mornings;
9. play badminton in the late afternoon with my bestfriend;
10. reach the mountain tops after stiff trails;
11. groove on the dance floor with childhood buddies;
12. wonder at the sunset on a boulevard;
13. watch the light rain trickle down and touch the ground;
14. hear old songs of yesteryears;
15. sing with my sisters with our magic microphone and beat the tune with less disgrace possible, Waaaaaaaaaaah!
16. split my food with street kids;
17. teach my students of IT, programming and BLOGGING;
18. share meals with close office mates;
19. see your best friend wed;
20. enjoy sumptuous Chinese wanton and siomai with my sister and mom;
21. watch movies with my son and other loved ones;
22. buy my fave shoes and bags, and blouses and . .. . . (the list can go on when it comes to shopping)
23. pose my widest smile on a camera flick at any occasion at any time;
24. eat my fave ice candy flavor;
25. devour chocolates, yum, yum!
26. chat with old and new friends;
27. go to a saloon to get some pamperings;
28. go mountain climbing with friends;
29. stand on a mountain peak we have just conquered and see the clear panorama;
30. get blog comments of praises and encouragements from blogger-friends;
31. cry and laugh with my Korean teleserye cd's, (Mariz - we are one on this!)
32. and more .. . . .

Wow, I am truly blessed as I can list more. I have to remind myself of all these pleasures as I battle my depression over a failed marriage. Indeed, successful careers or academic recognitions or society status is not enough to bring true happiness.

So, I am challenging my fellow friend-bloggers,
what are your reasons for joy?

Try to make a list of your life's simple pleasures. You will be truly amazed of what you can find out from these simplicity but grandness of life. I dare you. . .