Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Look!

My Ever Seductive Look!

I was very insecure with my looks before as I did not have the fashion urge and confidence to really look good. My, I only had two serious boyfriends. Some boys were hesitant to court me because of my academic performance, so only these two gentlemen were courageous enough to date me (one was my husband). At that time, I thought I was all smart but very ugly.

But, when your marriage breaks into pieces. You then began to realize, what are you really missing out. So, I began loving myself and flirting around just to see how attractive I am to the opposite sex. I guess this was my insecurity. But my, I have a good number of complimentary stares both from students and from the professionals. So, how is my Victory Hair? Some say, I have cute set of eyes, so I smile a lot so my eyes can complement well with my face. Now, I am always mistaken in my early 20's. Smiling a lot really makes you younger and more beautiful.

How do I get the complimenting praises and stares of a lot of gentlemen and boys? Aside from smiling,I usually talk sensible stuffs, laugh with the people I am talking with and have that great body a mother would sometimes ignore. Not only that I get their attention, but also those who are around me. Should I am not married this time, a number of good men shall fall for me. My husband is just very jealous of how other men are looking at me. Modesty aside, but I perceive myself more lovely this time than before.

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For sure, you can even win in the Ultimate Flirting Championship of Extreme Style by VO5 done online. I tried playing it, and felt really more of a flirt than before. I wonder how others can get that look from other people and how they get can be more appealing? You can check and upgrade your flirting skills with Ultimate Flirting Championship.