Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Sun is Hot and So are We!

The Tres Marias (the other beauty is in Manila!) . And, the winner is . . . . siempre, the eldest, Meh!
Ready to hit the road!

The pool to ourselves!Who is cuter? The original or the copy cat?

Can I qualify for FHM or Maxim? Please be kind.Hahahahhah

It is Sunday and we just have nothing to do and so I asked the T'boli Hotel here in General Santos City for their pool and just dragged my siblings, nephew and Yuri to hit the water.

So, I put on my swim wear and just ramped my way to the pool.hhahahahhah!

We didnt expect that the pool was empty so we just conquered it as if it was ours. Though there were hotel guests, we didnt mind them at all as we were having fun. I even tried their sliding ramp and just yelled my way down the water.

Wow, it just feel great to be spontaneous and have fun with the family!