Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy Weekend for Me

For others who are employees of any government or private entity, they may be enjoying their weekends already but in my case, I am enduring the  3 - hour stay filling my dues as I do my laboratory assignment.

So, while the students work on their laboratory requirements, I somehow made use of the time to update this blog and wait for them to finish their works. Of course, I get to attend them whenever they call for help. Somehow, it is only depressing to note that not all students share the same passion for learning. That is, while others are breaking their senses doing their laboratory assignments, others are enjoying their non-sense activities. As a teacher, I can only remind them of their duties.

After this long hours of work, I shall head back again to our store and do my other tasks. sigh! But, I can only be grateful that another beautiful day has come and I am still alive and kicking only busier.  LOL!