Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Perks of Friendship

This can be an overvalued concept but friendship is oftentimes misused, ignored, abused and forgotten, intentionally or otherwise. Like an adage, "No man is an island.", everyone just needs everyone. And, lucky are those who have true friends who stand by you through thick and thin.

What can perks  can friendship bring you, well, let me re - stress the obvious:

  • They listen to you when you are all moppy, sad, drunk and pissed off;
  • They honestly critique your wardrobe, decision, partners, and lifestyle;
  • They lend you their helping hand and even pocket to save the day;
  • They make your special occasions more beautiful and lovelier knowing that your loved ones are happy for your happiness;
  • They fight for you just in case others badmouth your name or simply cheat on you;
  • They will simply stay loyal even through physical distance and concern and love remains over time.
  • They simply keep you sane with all the wacky jokes on a bad day just to keep you smiling and hopeful; and lastly,
  • They make you appreciate life and love better.