Thursday, September 16, 2010

Project: My Week’s Wishlist

I wish to start this project of writing my wish list and try to meet them and see actions done. I would like to redirect my attention and energy on achieving this wish list, so, that lame excuses wont supersede the desires.

So, for this week, I wish to do the following:

  1. Watch Resident Evil 3D – this I have done already;
  2. Complete the long – overdue novel Tuesdays with Morrie – Done too with buckets of drawn tears;
  3. Resume my jogging on Thursday – urggh!!!
  4. Update my blogs especially the abandoned Wordpress blog – this is easy but I just have to find the time;
  5. Get a body massage – I hope somebody will take the cue and bring me for a free body massage;
  6. Go to a parlor – a foot spa and pedicure will suffice;
  7. Enjoy heavenly food treats  - the local’s raving halo – halo from Razon’s can be enough.