Thursday, September 16, 2010

When Should You Have a Career Shift

I have tried programming works along with teaching but got more stuck with administrative works as I headed the computer department. Then, with all the drain, mental and physical, I decided to just continue with regular teaching works. But, this alone made me not stop looking for a non – academic job, thus, I eventually earned the position, Project Officer – Executive Director for a Non – Government Organization.

But, as I did these most recent jobs, my siblings and I started the boutique business and since then, we were making history as young entrepreneurs. So, I decided to resign from a high – paying full time job and just settled with our business. Now, I do part-time teaching (to keep me updated) and do full-time business.

So, when do we actually consider career shifting? Personally, I only have a basic answer, if your present job does not make you happy and career growth is not possible at all, then, career shifting is a more viable option.
When you are just forced to wake up and attend to your job, every day becomes a burdensome toil and this can only pile to your present stress and add to your disappointments. You become less productive but more cranky and  inefficient.

Consequently, you will do yourself and your employer a favor, if you consider resignation and just retire or have another work.

It can be a risky decision, thus, if you are willing to go through this risk, then, go file that resignation letter.