Thursday, September 9, 2010

How To Make Your Weekend Productive

The Philippine President, Ninoy Aquino, marked September 10 as a non - working holiday in celebration of Eid el-Fitr, a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan or fasting.

So, when long weekends are ahead of us, how can we make these long days productive. Here are my suggestions:

  •  read your long overdue novels;
  • take your loved ones to a family swim;
  • prepare a good picnic with friends or loved ones;
  • go camping or hiking;
  • travel to another city by road for few days;
  • finish overdue works;
  • enjoy classic movies;
  • hit theater houses;
  • play boardgames with kids or friends;
  • a nice sit on a baywalk;
  • sun tan and beach swim; 
  • gardening; and
  • well, the list can go on. . .
Whatever we do this long weekend, the bottomline is that we have a relaxing and relieving time alone or with loved ones.