Friday, September 3, 2010

Support Handicap - Friendly Entities

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

World Health Organization defines disability as anything that includes impairment, activity limitation and participation limitations. These impairments and restrictions can be brought by accidents or by birth and  for some, disabilities may be permanent and these can truly affect how people with disability perform their works or function in society.

Disability is quite difficult to quantify and distinguish as it encompasses physical, sensory, developmental and cognitive restraints. Thus, there is only a close estimation as to the number of disabled in the world; in 2004, WHO estimated 100 million of  lightly to severely disabled individuals. In USA, the disabled group comprises the third largest minority and the Bureau of Census sets the figure to around 51 million disabled Americans.

With this alarming number, it is only imperative that entities set their services and their structures to assist the handicap. These may include setting a rest room for them, a ramp, modified vehicles, specialized rooms and more.

I can only commend more that an entity like  NMEDA   is very active in responding to the needs of the disabled.  

NMEDA or National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association is a non-profit group of mobility equipment dealers, rehabilitation specialists and other professionals engaged in  providing people with disability the opportunity to drive or travel around with ease and comfort.

Every disabled individual has unique needs, thus, an NMEDA dealer or member can help better in identifying and addressing these needs. Family members can make use of typical vehicles to transport their disabled loved ones but without  discomfort and struggle. Worse, driving becomes impossible too. This is where NMEDA dealer's assistance becomes handy and practical.

More importantly, NMEDA has Quality Assurance Program Dealers who are nationally recognized and accredited for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. The QAP Dealers make sure that the services they provide to their customers are only satisfactory and consistent in terms of quality standards.

My family are in Wisconsin and when I check the nearest accredited NMEDA dealers, I found a good list. Thus, if you want your loved ones with disability to be able to drive or to have ease whenever the family needs to travel, go check the  NMEDA Dealers Locator for the nearest NMEDA dealers. You can leave a comment too, so, they can attend to your queries and more. 

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