Thursday, September 9, 2010

When Laws Hit on You

No normal or sane individuals would wish to be convicted or accused of anything he did not do. Thus, when circumstances, intentional or otherwise, hit you or your loved ones and they require legal actions, it is only smarter that we seek  a good lawyer to back us up just as  good and competent  as the  Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Normally, we try to abide laws whenever we can, may this be traffic rules or community rules but when accidents or others simply drag or tempt you to do something bad like brawling among others, you can only wish that things did not happen as they were.

Just recently, an acquaintance just had her trial hearing on the case of  fraud and with all the evidences against her, it can be quite difficult to save her.

Worse, the legal systems in the Philippines is quite dragging, slow and bias but if you simply have a good lawyer, then any case can be won.

Now, that I am into business, my lawyer friend can only advice me not to let others use my  personal check, or credit guarantee for others, or perform illegal business transactions, all which I happily abide.

Pursuing a legal case is expensive, tiring and draining and it does not only affect the accused or the accuser but also everyone else around this person. Thus, to have a trial that is short and speedy and fair can only be highly desired.