Thursday, September 9, 2010

How To Write Good Essays

Writing is never easy; in fact, it is a painstaking and dragging task that can make you go nuts and cranky. But, when deadlines are at stake, you simply have to go through the enduring process of writing essays.

However, best essays are not made out of nowhere. It requires tremendous strings of works and without proper guidance and knowledge base, all your writings can go vain.

One of the things that actually hinder a writer to write is his lack of self - esteem when it comes to writing with correct grammar and convincing content. However, this downside is not impossible to address. A review on your English basics or constructs can give you a head start. Also, having a short course in English can help you professionally.

When language is fully addressed, then you can go to the nitty - gritty of writing essays. Most of my A - grade essays are not done without a solid effort. Normally, with a given topic, it is a must that I gather several resources to support my essay, may it be a Narrative Essay or a Critical Essay. I have to screen out facts from unsupported theories, so, that conviction in my essay can be evident and sensible.

With all the readings, they can be quite overwhelming, thus, when I read several resources, I make sure that I note important points and observe citation rules. And when you do this, make sure that you observe citation format only allowed by your school or by your institution.

After having all the notes, I review and analyze them and see how the ideas can complement and support one another. Further, I identify which argument or point is more convincing and must be well emphasized.

With knowledge of what to write and how to write it, I make an outline of how ideas can freely flow in my essay and how I can support my argument. It is quite imperative that when you write, may it be a personal or an impersonal write – up, your ideas must be organized, and clear. To achieve this is to prepare and follow an outline. Feel free to revise this outline should you think that the change can contribute better.

With an outline, you can now write your essays. Make your title and your introduction catchy, convincing and interesting since these will invite your readers to read the rest of your essays. Make sure too that you only discuss one point per paragraph and that all the body of your essays must complement with one another. In your conclusion, re - stress your arguments and wrap up your essay well.

Lastly, after you make your essay, review it for grammar or typing errors. An essay becomes more professionally looking if it is error free.

So, should you need to write Compare and Contrast Essay, Justification write – ups, or practically anything, you can put your skills to action. But, if you simply don’t have the time or the skills, then, having a mentor or a third – party service to do the essays for you can be of great help.