Sunday, April 13, 2008

Burn Fats with Airsoft Games

Exercise has been a wish. I would always yearn to drag myself to the gym and burn those extra pounds. But, when I saw my friends in airsoft and how they sweat after a 15-minute game, I soon asked myself, can I make this my new hobby and burn my fats as well?

Wargames are typically games for the big boys! I usually wonder how men can act young, feel young in playing with airsoft guns. Their full battle gear: masks, vests, pads, gloves and military uniform cant make them significantly different from real soldiers. Men of different ages and of different professions and line of works eagerly enjoy their Sunday afternoon games with their M14, M4, MP5 or their AKs.

My bewilderment was soon answered when I had my first real wargame. I killed three (3) senior warriors within close range with my first AK. Every game since then makes my adrenaline high, heart and pulse throbbing. My airsoft gun, (now I own a Spetz), feels cold and heavy on my hand, I can only grip to it as tight as I could as if my life really depends on it. I have to dodge, dive, crawl on the dirt to make clear, plausible shots. In a 10-minute game, you can feel your entire body sweat, your muscles tighten as you run, hide and aim at your opponents. I have lost 1 size smaller in just three (3) Sundays of wargames. Of course, it is not just about aiming or shooting, teamwork and strategies did the winnings.

What makes the games fun but painful is the hit of the automatic fired bb's in a closer distance. Blood can trickle down from your soft skin. This I must say scare off other ladies to join. I applauded two other ladies who joined Zamboanga Airsoft team, which is dominated by hard-core men. But airsoft nationwide has made greater appeal even to women. Lady celebrities in the Philippines join them too, together with their loved ones or friends. Not only that this game excites your adrenaline and your wits but it also improves your relationship with others and your perception about life, that it is a battle that you have to focus and put your resources/strategies in to survive. I will always love the fun and thrill of airsoft games!!!!