Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jogging as a Destressor

When I started my regular jogging in Zamboanga City, it was purposedly done to just hang around with other joggers. But, as you run longer, as you push harder, you will realize, this isn't done to please others or to simply acquire that gorgeous curves. It is being done, so you may feel that you are alive, so you may feel that beauty is still around you as running becomes more tedious like the way you run your life.

I had went through rough hurdles in the course of friendship, romance, family and work. I would look for solace and comfort through bad friends and bad influences. But, never really I found the tranquility I had been wanting.

Moving back to Gen. Santos City makes me year for my late afternoon jogs. So, early this morning, while the sun was about to emerge from its slumber, I jogged with my youngest sibling, Xeria. The cool early breeze touched my cheeks, as if bidding me its morning greetings. There were other young and adult joggers. These too made jogging more fun and that lurking feeling of loneliness and depression from being away Zamboanga City, from what you claimed as
home, gone.

As I pushed myself for more turns in a square-type jogging arena, I felt my heart throbbing faster and my muscles more constricted. But amidst this, my mind was all clear of any ill feeling of being a broken spirit.

I wish as I jog more, I can find peace more; I wish as I jog longer towards my finish lines, I can find longer strength and endurance to move on with life; I wish as I jog regularly, I can constantly find beauty for feeling and living life with my family around me and for being part of this grandious universe.