Friday, April 25, 2008

Life's Simple Pleasures

Sometimes we are too busy chasing our dreams, looking for the the love of our life, that we tend to ignore little things we can also appreciate.

I would always find wonder and warmth whenever I:

1. smell the sweet aroma of coffee and freshly cut grass;
2. hear the chuckles of a tickled baby;
3. see my baby pictures with old friends;
4. hear the outburst laughters of my son and nephew whenever I bring them ice cream;
5. read love letters of my ex's;
6. exchange greetings with my officemates, janitors and the guards;
7. exchange text messages with old friends;
8. jog with my sister in early mornings;
9. play badminton in the late afternoon with my bestfriend;
10. reach the mountain tops after stiff trails;
11. groove on the dance floor with childhood buddies;
12. wonder at the sunset on a boulevard;
13. watch the light rain trickle down and touch the ground;
14. hear old songs of yesteryears;
15. sing with my sisters with our magic microphone and beat the tune with less disgrace possible; 16. split my food with street kids;
17. teach with my students;
18. share meals with close office mates;

19. and just blog about other little things I should be happy about. . . . . .

We really dont have to have riches of the world, or all the academic titles famous schools could offer, or trophy partner to show off . . . . Happiness can still be found from simple life's essence that we oftentimes ignore. . .