Sunday, April 13, 2008

Unconditional Love

When do we exactly say that love is true and unconditional? I must say, we can see this in the perspective of a mother to her child.

It is when she has to endure the weight, and other physiological and emotional changes while carrying her child in her wom, the loving strokes she gave on her belly and unceasing prayers and wishes that may her child grow healthy and beautifully.

It is when a mother has to wake up in wee hours in the morning to feed, to pacify, to carry her baby close to her bossom in spite of the deprived sleep.

It is when the mother has to rush hurriedly to her ailing son and wish that she would rather feel the pain for her son.

It is when she has to work of various kinds just to support the family, to support her child until he can stand on his feet.

Her love and care is unceasing and unconditional that sometimes she forgets her very own needs, her very own self. So whenever I ask myself, did I really truly render love to my family or to my loved ones, I feel short with my answers. Like the Bible says, Love has no bounds, I could only wish that kind of love can be given to me and be reciprocated. . . . .

I salute all the mothers in the world who have given much in spite of how little they have.