Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just about Blogging

I have been teaching about IT for several years but I didnt really put much attention on blogging. Perhaps my time in work and in the family were all consumed if not drained.

But, when I moved to General Santos City, I was all bored of the laid-back life here with no work to go to. So, blogging kills my time. Funny eh. . . But, I love that I am back into writing again. I have been writing since elementary, but I stopped when I had my Yuri. But, now that I am all away from everyone in Zamboanga City, and from the person who betrayed me, I am back with my writing and love it! Geez, why was I not told that you have to have time for yourself too! hahahhahha I love to meet new friends and just customize my blog and just post about friends, family, nature and all. . . .

I initially hated blogging but then, you will get used to it and then, you dont stop. hahahhah

So, whoever invented, designed and everything about blogging, my hats off!