Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Co-Employees as Your Extended Family

Working and living away from my biological family was a tremendous struggle and had been a difficult burden. As a typical Filipina who clings much to her family, this is indeed a problem. But seven (7) years of working with same people and doing teaching, my first love, this burden was somehow alleviated. My co-administrators were my seniors in terms of age and experiences. Consequently, I looked up to them as my mentors but more importantly, my elder siblings. They taught me to handle my subordinates as an IT head, to relate with our client - the parents, the students, the partner academe and industry, and to face life as courageous and smart as possible. Our college dean, Dean Carmen Solis, has been a grandmother to me and to my five year old son, Yuri. She will never miss our birthdays. Thus, we always have a home-made chocolate or ube birthday cake (Yummy!!!!). Special occasions like Christmas, Valentines, and any other feast are celebrated like any other family joined by blood or laws.

Ordinary and draining days were taken jovially with my co-employees around. Having one on an off-school seminar or training made my working hours dragging. Truly, I spent more time with them than my very own direct family.

Now, that I am away from Zamboanga City and back to my biological family here in Gen. Santos City, I cant help by miss my friends-mentors, Maam Dolly, Maam Anne, Maam Joy and Lola Dean, of course, why would I ever forget, our beloved secretary, VJ. Hope to see you guys soon!