Sunday, April 13, 2008

Being One with the Less Fortunate

Teaching has been my first love since college. I love the satisfaction from the innocent smiles of my students but more importantly from the smiles of gratitude of the students of public schools we took in for our IT free trainings.

It has been my dream to be a missionary lady but perhaps, this mission took a different medium through classroom teaching. And, this desire to help others has been my motivation and source to influence and to infect too some more young misssionaries through my students.

IT Literacy in the Philippines is a privilege among public schools particularly for graders. Consequently, since 2005, we ask our college students to help us in training basic computer operations among elementary students. We only wish we can train more; we only wish IT Literacy can be given a serious and continuing attention by our Philippine government. We have brilliant and talented Filipinos, but only a few are actually given the resources. Those who come from the least can only rely on the free trainings and other opportunities given by the NGOs and private institutions.

I pray that othe good - hearted individuals or institutions can actually hellp promote and implement IT education among public elementary schools especially in remote areas in the Philippines. I must say their humble smiles are worth rewarding and fulfilling.