Wednesday, April 16, 2008

True Friends: My Rare Treasures

How do you classify one as a friend? Is it measured by the gifts he gives you on your days of celebration or by the praises he utters whenever you have new clothes, jewelry or latest gadgets at hand?

Is it gauged by the number of phone calls, messages or mails you received in the course of your so-called friendship or his regular presence during moments of special celebrations or by the number of years your friendship is going through or by the lies he will make to cover your flaws and troubles?

I must say, true friends are not measured by age, gifts, praises or by any superficial thing. True friends are the ones who accept you in spite of the your personality differences, who care for you in spite of your mental and emotional lapses, who love you in spite of the bad choices you make in your life.

True friends are those who dont ask you to reciprocate their favors, or dont badmouth about you behind your back, or dont place borderline limits to your being friends.

True friends are those who stick with you through thick and thin, through high and low waters, and heaven and hell.

I will sure miss you my friends in Zamboanga City, Lourvic, Jane, Carol, and everyone I shared my heart with.