Sunday, April 13, 2008

Teaching Life to Students

Being a teacher for ten years is worth fulfilling, imparting your ideals and character all at the same time. You wont get tired to read and wait until you meet the faces of your students hungry for your new learnings. But apart from all the content that you teach, you dont actually realize, that they value more your enthusiasm, your love for them. You will see this from every smile and greetings you get whenever you meet them in and out of school. THe simple "I miss your class" from your old students can make you feel fulfilled, that indeed, teaching is something. I will always appreciate the teachers in us, teachers within our friends, family and ordinary people that we meet. People who teach us how to deal life and how to love it at the same time. We can never outgrow that teacher-feeling within, perhaps, until we grow old, until our students wont remember our names anymore, but only our smiles and the appreciation they give for the little things we taught them.