Saturday, September 6, 2008

Faceless Callers?

With technology, security and privacy are real issues. Some actually use any sort of technology just to plot ways how can this be used to manipulate or outsmart the victim.

One very significant technology is the phone. I could not even imagine my day without it as I use it for personal and business works. For sure, other busy people cant do without their phones. My, communication now becomes boundless because of technology.

So, dont you get worried when you receive missed calls and wonder who could be the caller? You wont dare to call the caller back as you don't know him too. This is indeed a problem especially when you are expecting important calls. But, how about if you receive prank, annoying or harass calls? My, this can piss you more and cant wait to know details of the caller and have him be responsible of his actions.

I am however, glad that there is, a phone reverse search service where you can track callers without their knowledge and know their names, address, phone line provider and more for phones provided anywhere in US and in Canada. You can track the caller's number by area code or by state. What is so good is that their reverse lookup database is constantly updated so, you will sure get accurate results. With a reasonable fee, you can draw out a name for your callers as Good Guy or Bad Guy. Isn't that cool? For sure, crime rates can be lower than by this service , when residents can be vigilant and perceptive.

This service is 100% confidential, so you don't have to worry if these callers are actually traced! These nasty callers' days are sure getting shorter. . .