Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Sisters' BOutique on the Roll

The Models, soon to be cashiers!

The Real-time Sister Mannequins!

Will these poses attract customers?!!!

As we, sisters except my 3rd sister, Mary Ann ( I call her "Pangeg" as a love name) went to our old home from years of solitary life with our own respective partners, we decided to put up our own business with the help of my in-laws and husband, just for us to take roots again with the family and with one another. So, we are having this boutique to sell stuffs we love, like imported and native clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, old books and mags, perfumes, and other IT services.

We took a piece of my parents' furniture space so we can put up our store. My sister, Tammy ( I call her "Daping" , you may ask me why. hahhahahhaha!) And, we are just so excited to finally have it ready for the public. My, putting a business is not at all easy.

We shall be painting the store ourselves just to save on the labor. Sayang pa ang extra cost as savings!Hmmnnnnn, acting as a businesswoman already. LOL!

Pangeg, my sister is bound to arrive this October, by then, we can have the soft opening and have it ready for Christmas Holidays' rush. Wish us all well then . . . .