Friday, September 5, 2008

US Mail Forwarding At Your Very Own Home Step!

My in-laws in Wisconsin,USA, have been sending us boxes of American stuffs at least once a year. And my, they usually take long and quite expensive to pay. Some sent boxes would take 2 months at the least to wait. That is quite long especially for my son, Yuri who is usually excited with his grandparents' toys and books among others at $100.00 at the minimum rate. And, I am usually excited of my new bags, shoes, pants, and tops. Hahahaha! Some other immediate important stuffs are usually sent through much faster forwarding service,but gosh, the price rates are quite expensive.

I wonder if there are other package forwarding companies that can send our stuffs at faster, cheaper rate especially now that Christmas holidays are all coming.

So, I am just glad that there is another international mail and packaging forwarding service. With Access USA, you can try their services of PACKAGE AND MAIL FORWARDING, and more personalized, and satisfaction-guaranteed services.

In Package Forwarding alone, you are given your unique US address as if you are just residing in US! So, when you are elsewhere but USA, the purchases you made online or any means can be sent to you at 70% less of international shipping as Access USA will do the dirty works. Isn't that great? And worse, some sellers wont transact with non-USA residents. Is this discrimination or not? I really wonder.

You can even receive mails, journals, newsletters and all where some are not even available internationally. My, I am quite an avid fan of some US mags! My in-laws would usually send us some parenting, and self-enhancing magazines.

What I like also in Access USA is you can consolidate all your mails and merchandises in one solid and safe packaging, making you save from individual transmission.

More are their ways of letting their clients track their mails or merchandises online. With that, your anxiety of where are your parcels is highly reduced. Futher, you can choose how you can send your stuffs, if not by air, express or freight.

My, this company is just worth a try! They are even willing to give you a free trial only that you have to pay for your shipping expenses should you need to send stuffs already. So, try it! I will just recommend this to my in-laws!

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