Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Solution to Your Vision Problems

I am a nearsighted person as I couldn't read clearly farther from 10 meters. Everything is actually blurry. I have to ask my farsighted partner to read stuffs for me. This is really a problem especially when I love to read a lot and work with computers most of the time.

So, I am just glad to hear about LASIK information and LASIK technology. In their recent treatments of NASA and military personnel , the vision technologies of Lasik were able to improve dramatically their vision performance on critical missions. The Department of Defense and NASA had utilized the all-laser technologies of Lasik to correct the vision problems of their personnel. This has been possible after years of successful treatment procedures with the civilians. A clinical research leader for DOD on Lasik usage claimed that LASIK technology has surpassed the standards for safety and effectiveness. Also, 95% of all the military personnel who undergone Lasik treatments had a 20/20 or better uncorrected vision. They too strongly recommend this treatment.

When I viewed the movie on iLasik procedure, I was all amazed by how these technologies can do wonders on problems of astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness. The treatment only takes 20 minutes and it is indeed painless. What is so good with this procedure is that one can consult with his physician online and check if he is a qualified candidate, provided that he is at least 21 years old and healthy.

How do this iLasik procedure work anyway? Well, I am no medical person but, their movie on iLasik treatment was very very informative. Their procedure is so advanced that even if a patient moves his eye, the laser technology is fixed on where it should be. Thus, treatment is absolutely precise. He can do his usual works after the treatment. He then must have regular check-ups with his physician to assure that the procedure has gone right and successful. After a year or less since the treatment, his vision problems are all corrected.

More importantly about Lasik treatment, you don't have to place your eyes under the sharp blades of surgery. I would rather stay nearsighted than have my retinas cut with blade.

So why don't you check their site, click on for more information.