Friday, September 12, 2008

Poor One Month Old Nephew Got Dog Bitten

Our Dog Bitten Model!

The Marks!

The Villain!

My nephew, ZG who just turn one month old last September 10, was bitten by our house puppy. It was too late for my sister to notice the bloody marks when they were at the same time scheduled for his regular check-ups. Don't blame the mother as she took her bath while relied on our supposed to be trusted helper to watch out the baby. I guess, accidents can really happen at any time you least expect it.

Gosh, he was advised to be shot with anti-rabies. He is now recorded as the youngest victim of dog bites. I could have thrown our dog to the pit. He must have mistaken my nephew as a doll. Good thing, he only gave the baby some marks and not at all caused him severe harm.

This gives us all a lesson. . . So, to all who have babies or kids at home, be more vigilant with your pets and make sure that they get their vaccines on time.