Friday, September 19, 2008

Vacation in Few Days, Hurraaay!

Lourvic, Me, Jane, and Caroline
My Best Buddies

One of my childhood best friends is getting married this September 25 in Zamboanga City and I am supposed to be the beautiful emcee. Hahahhahahah!

Yuri and I shall be absent for a week from school and from work. That will be long days of rest and fun with old friends. I get to check other stuffs as well for our boutique.

Hmmnnnn, what should I wear then. . . cant wait really as it has been over 5 months since I last saw them. Forsure, we shall rock the crowd with our hyena laughters. Hahahhahahha

Here are the few facts about my friends:

Lourvic (the one on red) - is married and quite serious (but I am more serious than her, LOL) but very wacky when joined with Jane. SHe used to be in Taek wando and now connected with Zambo DepEd. She loves to sing on karaokes with low-pitch music. We used to compete in the honor list before. Hahaahahhahah!

Jane (the third one from Lourvic) - is the wackiest in the group. She laughs with all teeth and tongue out. Hahahhahaah. SHe has 2 kids now. SHe used to be in the music band and can go any with any PAUS songs. SHe was in the last section (13th section) when we were Grade 6. She just used to copy from us, Lourvic and me.Hahhahah!

Caroline (on sleeveless) - is getting married and is in the army and singing band as well. She has been our doll since grade 3. OMG! I can still remember her big bow ribbons and knee-length
socks. I must say, she is a beauty flirt since the time we know the opposite sex.Hahahhahah. But we adore and love her much.

Rosilie (The author of this blog of course) - is the singer-wanna be.hahahhahahah! I am the brainy, they say.Hmmnnnnnn, my friends say. Hahahhahah!