Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Fave Sport

I always love outdoor game and I am quite hooked to airsoft ,a toy gun with bullet pellets, adrenaline-rush plays. In Zamboanga City, we have this team, Zamboanga Airsoft (ZAS) and my husband, Jhonel had first joined it almost a decade ago. I was quite pissed off before why he would rather miss time with us than his games with the boys. So, just last year, I had my first airsoft M4 gun and now, a Commando-toy gun.

I remembered well my first game. It was all fear in me but I wanted to enjoy and feel the rush of killing someone and being hit too. While I was the buddy soldier of my husband, I was quite vigilant of my enemies. The game was only for 15 minutes but I was all heart-pounding waiting for the time to end. I was indeed on a look-out waiting for the enemies to cross my vision. I had my kills on my first game and was left the last soldier on line. My partner-husband was also killed, so I could hear my heart's drumming more than the noise of ammunitions being shot. With 3 enemies on the front, I was hit on my leg and head. That's the greatest and most exciting game I attended. Since then, every Sunday, I joined my husband in his games. There is only one lady player, other than me and the rest were all gentlemen. You would see us on complete uniform with different lines of airsoft guns. The team has been joining competition and has been winning. And tomorrow after staying in General Santos for few months, I shall have my chance of playing again with them.

We usually search for SportsVids of airsoft tournaments just to see how other teams of different places actually play and you can really see how players play during urban or jungle operations. I even experienced crawling and jumping over muddy areas just to see the enemies.

I saw this video on top and we had this kind of game in one of the places here in Zamboanga. You can see how players are with their airsoft guns and how they play. This game is not only fun, but an exercise as well. In 15 minutes or less, you can be all sweating.

We have different videos and photos of our games and I have been telling my husband to upload some of their tournament plays. Now, that I found out about SportsVids, we can upload our own Airsoft games and other sport videos we love and more. So, to those who are sport lovers, check out SportsVids and upload your favorite sport videos and share them with friends. I just cant wait to spread this news to my fellow ZAS members.