Saturday, December 13, 2008

Helping Your High School Students Love School

I had tried teaching in high school before for a semester and I could vividly remember how difficult it was to teach students. We tried various means to impart lessons. And, since I handled Computer Programming, I can say it was fun at the same time challenging, especially for slow learners or students with different learning styles. Classroom instruction is so conventional and predictable, that majority of the students get bored. I liked the challenge though but it was not indeed cut for me. So, I was moved back to collegiate teaching but I humbled myself for the courage, and enthusiasm of high school students for trying various strategies just to get the idea passed on to the students.

But what really help these students when they are at home or free from school? Reading books can be boring and draining to them. And then, I came across of Brightstorm, an online education website that help youngsters love their subjects at their own pacing and comfort.

I had the opportunity to Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt as a teacher, just to try their courses and I got approved right away. I was given a promotional course of any subject that I liked, and I chose Geometry. I was quite amazed how the tutorials were designed such a very good tutorial course on practically almost every subject offered in high school. The teacher was so great, that I cant help but be focused on what he was teaching in Geometry. If my high school teacher only taught that subject the way that Brightstorm teacher did, I will sure get more than a 1!!!

The tutorial was cut into major topics of the subject, thereby focusing only on the core contents. This made the topic delivered in much fun, interesting and clearer way through real life and real time examples. It is truly impressive since youngsters now are more visuals than imaginative. Take it from me, I have been a teacher for more than a decade. So, you can Sign up for a free.

I am pretty sure your kids who despise high school or middle school will get the help they want without being embarrassed by focusing on the subjects they need greater help and boost. If my son shall reach middle school, I will indeed try this on him.