Monday, December 15, 2008

SCAM Money - Making Sites!

Apart from blogging, I tried other means to earn extra online just to maximize my time while I go online. So, in the course of my blog hopping, I tend to check affiliations of other bloggers to income-earning sites. You can say, I almost tried all. Hahhahaha!

But, what is so lucrative is this $100 paid-to-read emails. So, trusting I was that I subscribed. But, when I reached their minimum payout, I started inquiring more than once how I can get my payments but to no response at all. This indeed made me more doubtful of the site's legitimacy. So, I inquired online and simply got devastated that the I one I subscribed in among other things is a scam. Do check this site for the complete list. You too could be a victim!