Saturday, December 6, 2008

National Hero through Pacman Pacquiao

As I type this post, the entire GenSantos people, and the entire Filipinos are waiting for Pacquiao and dela Hoya's dream fight. My, we cant even go to our store, to man it. I was however felt obliged to finish my exam questionnaires as semestral tests will be given next week.

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But as undercard fights are still on, I cant help but smile over the excitement of everyone and impatience here at home, except my son, who was adamant to watch his cartoons. Heheheheh!

Of course, as Generals, we are proud and will always be hopeful that our Pacman will sweep the boxing arena with graffiti's and all again. . . Crossing our fingers then. . . Funny that this is one of the rare occasions when almost ALLFilipinos unite for one cause and one person. hahahhahah!