Monday, December 1, 2008

Life-Saving Cells for You and Your Family

Our body has its natural way of healing. Miraculous or not, that it indeed can do wonders not only to our very own diseases but even to that of others.

I am a pro-life person and so I always advocate means and ways to preserve life. I could only sympathize for my friends and acquaintances who experience life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis, and mental problems among others. I even need this for my bone problems.


So, we are fortunate that C'elle is there to help and make use of stem cell cord blood for our future cellular therapies or even for our family, like our parents, siblings or children. These cells are menstrual fluid collected during our menstrual cycle. We previously knew that these were unsanitary but with current technology and study, these cells were proven to be used, stored, and processed for cellular therapies. About the Science of this cell service indeed proves wonders how our very own cells can save us or our family in grave need in the future.

C'elle Client Testimonial confirmed how this life-saving service can be very practical especially now that financial crisis is highly pressing. What more can be practical than save for our rainy days? We can purchase for our vanity and passion. However, can't we not do something to save our health or our loved ones? We can subscribe for a very minimum rate and every month, we can have these healing stem cells preserved for our very own use. Subscribe now. The life you may be saving may be yours or your loved ones!