Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Holiday Eye Glasses For Everyone!

I am a near-sighted person. So, I would usually stay within a closer distance to see clearly or else, everything is a blurry vision.

I had my first eyeglasses made before when I was high school and addicted to reading that even at dim light, I would still read pocket books.

But as I age, my eyeglasses don't work anymore. I had consulted optometrists to check on the usual eye strains and they would now say, the problem is due to my work. You see, I have been a teacher for more than a decade, and reading and computer programming have been routine works to me. So, I have a new set of eyeglasses again.

But recently, I learned how to drive a vehicle. So, my eye vision has become a problem. I was even hesitant to go through eye medical exam for my driver's license as I might fail. But, since I will get now my driver's license in the coming days, I have to get new eye-glasses that will protect me while driving but still wearing these glasses with style! That however can pose a problem.

The roads lately have been packed by heavy traffic because of the holiday season, making the road more dusty and difficult to drive. I am just so anxious that I don't drive much. So, good thing that Holiday frames are in that I can purchase them online. They have wide variety of stylish and quality frames that may start at $8.00. I have picked this:

These eyeglasses are of metal half- rim frame with polarized magnetic snap-on sun lens. I can just switch between sunglasses if I have to drive or to my reading glasses. Cool!!!!! This great site allows me to customize my order to meet my unique needs at very reasonable rates. Now, who can beat that?

One can order online through a credit or debit card. Their glasses are all of anti-scratch coating, and full ultraviolet protection and you can upgrade your glasses at very minimal rate. They can ship your ordered glasses within reasonable time. And you can order a number at a flat rate of $4.95. If you are dissatisfied, you can return your orders and get refunds. Wow, that is worth every penny, right?

Most of my family members are wearing eye glasses. I will sure ask them to check this site! Why don't you check this site too? You will sure be amazed.