Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Angels Among BLoggers

When I first started blogging last summer 2008, I was all struggling. I had no one except Twerlyn, who is also a blogger and a close friend of Tammy, my sister. She introduced me to Blogger.com. She is a residing in Cebu City which is miles and waters away from GenSan but she patiently guided me through texts and calls how I could start a blog and really keep it going.

I was disappointed that my blog ranking did not at all improve and the opportunities were all scarce but she continued with her motherly motivation. Now, I have three blogs, I could not thank her enough.

But, blogs are to be improved and promoted. So I blog hopped a lot. When I decided to have place a scroll bar on my blog, no one really answered my plea except Mayang, who promptly gave me the codes. She is Hawaii and we barely knew each other. This is really one grace of human kindness to another.

Then there is Lainy, who through blog comments and Twerlyn, I came to also meet. I have known some bloggers who keep their blog "Friends" for backlinks, promotions, and traffic which my sister Tammy called, PARASITES but I could also name more who are still real people with the heart. Lainy until now, helped me a lot with blog techniques. She is just simply generous with people. No wonder, bloggers in all facets of blogging keep her specially important.

Then, when I made a techie blog for my students, I wish to hide the programs for those who are not interested to read them. Again, I asked help from the blog hops I made but ended with vain. After few weeks, a very unexpected email came. Prateek helped with the codes by giving me a valuable site.

I know those whom I have asked help had their own reasons why they ignored my plea. But I want to salute the angel bloggers who show character more than anything else. There are still a number of bloggers who still show human values more important than blog traffic and earnings.

To these people, my forever gratitude, and to those, who I missed from my post, I still thank you.

Do you also have angel blogger-friends?