Friday, March 20, 2009

The Struggling Plight of Teachers

Today, I quite feel awful. As a teacher for a decade, I had several happiest and worst experiences ever with students, co-teachers, administrators and parents. I am quite passionate with my profession that I normally extend my services to them even beyond what is required.

But, what actually discourages me is to see students failed from my classes. I pity them but I pity their parents more. Now, that grades are soon to be due and that graduating students' grades are computed earlier, I had a bad news to tell my graduating student, she failed and will be missing her graduation this March.

She cried and pleaded all right but I could not give in since my class records show that she doesn't deserve a passing remark. She is quite persistent that she saw me twice this day and keeps on texting me. I am really pissed off when she requested for special projects or exams to make up.

Students and parents must indeed understand that grades are earned. Teachers are only there to make sure that learning is assured and properly monitored. But, if students choose to least prioritize their studies, I don't think, teachers on their right mind will make up grades just to make them make through. I help students who help themselves. But, I guess values are subjective to some individuals. How far will parents and students go just to change their grades?

I am no idealist but I just want to teach values of integrity and dignity as much as I want to impart lessons. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I only hope people will share this plea. Most likely, Philippines and our leaders and even corrupt and corrupting families and individuals will least likely exist.