Friday, March 27, 2009

Buy Economically and Wisely at Sears

At this time of global economic crisis, we can't help but really face and endure a harder life. As a teacher, I notice that more and more students drop from school. Whenever I asked them for their reason, they will always say, "finances."

Unemployment rates and price hikes are increasing dramatically these days. We seem to get only small value for our hard earned money. Consequently, we must prioritize what we really need these days.

Few years ago, I would buy a number of clothes, bags and shoes for myself and my family members. However, since I am into masteral schooling and into business, my resources have been terribly depleted.

Food is always our topmost priority. But, we need to purchase for our clothing apparel because of weather shifts. My family in Wisconsin have to buy new ones too. Good thing, Sears
has initiated a 75-80% OFF ORIGINAL PRICES ON FALL & WINTER APPAREL from today until April 18. This is indeed a good investment for next season and a good saving-technique should my family need to send stuffs for other relatives. This is indeed big savings for everyone.

Click Here

What is more exciting is that there is a Mommy-Make-Over Contest of $2500.00 worth for all Busted Moms. You don't have to be a mom to join this contest. All you have to do is share your story and how you handle this economic crisis and why you deserve a make-over. Sears will simply adore you with their alluring apparel, spa, hair and make-up freebies and cash. There steps are pretty simple. At this time of crisis, any chance of winning should be welcomed. So, why don't you join me and the rest who wants a make-over.

You can even follow them in Twitter. Simply search @bustedmoms. This will only take few seconds of your time.