Sunday, March 8, 2009

Parents' Wedding Anniversary

The celebrant parents (my mother really looks like me!)

The offsprings (minus 1)

The entire gang (minus 1)

It was a day after the party in General's Brew that we brought our parents to Grab a Crab. I used my gift certificate from the David Pomeranz concert contest. We were supposed to dine for Valentine's day but then, since my kid and I contracted chicken pox, we postponed the dinner.

So, we scheduled the gathering on the 32nd wedding anniversary of my parents. Gosh! They have lived each other that long! Hahahahahh!

We only missed our other sibling who is in Masbate working. But the dinner was superb and the place was grand. It was a night well remembered! My parents were only happy that we are together.

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