Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wanted: Best Wrinkle Cream

Being more than 30 is not at easy. I started having wrinkle lines on my forehead and under my eyes. My cheeks began to sag. Although I was not at all beauty vain, neither I would want to look and feel older than I should. I have been only using Olay and Ponds wrinkle creams. But, what are my criteria anyway? I base them from testimonies of other users. A family member who is around 70 years old, simply looks 50's to me. She had been using Olay and with other beauty rudiments. I tried only the cream. I did not mind at all the ingredients. For as long, as they work on me, I am all good about it.

But with the increasing number of ads on wrinkle creams, you can not do away with anxiety and confusion at all. And, with the economic crisis, we are having, one can consider price as the top most criterion.

But, it is quite helpful that you get and read reviews about what you are paying for. Although, it is not ethical at all to claim that they have best wrinkle cream without doing real and wide-scale survey, we must be however be intelligent in buying. Research told us that we have to be careful with the ingredients if they cause adverse effects. But more importantly, we have to be sure, that indeed we are getting results. Reviews can be subjective but if a number of testimonies can support your claim, you are pretty sure that your cream review is really objective.

This review site on over 20 wrinkle creams gave a very objective insight on top wrinkle creams. It gives information on the pro's and con's of the product that the decision to really buy it is really up to the reader and potential user.

Testimonies of other product users made the claim and review more objective. The site was quite simple in design and links can be navigated easily. More importantly, it control spammers, so somehow, testimonies are regulated. My wrinkle cream was only rated 47/100 with the pro's and con's. The site's review made me more conscious then of the ingredients my cream has. So, this is really helping me in becoming more selective.

The site gave Dermajuv Cream a 99/100 rate. So, this is really pretty interesting to check on.