Friday, March 13, 2009

Go Win Yourself A MacBook Air

Blogging has become a part of my daily routine. I go to sleep and wake up before and after the screen of my laptop. Truly, internet usage has become one of my regular task.

My sister has her own notebook while my partner has his own laptop. I have to settle though on an old Dell unit of 2000 model where internet loading takes more than 5 minutes. As an IT masteral student, I have to get my sister's notebook so I can create my projects. But, it also means I can only use it whenever she will go to sleep. Thus, I have to do my project very late in the evening. So, I know I have to have a laptop of my own that I may do what I want whenever and whereever I want it.

Laptops and notebooks are quite expensive. So, I have to blog a lot just to generate that much needed amount. Good thing, I could have a notebook for free. There is this generous businessman, ben behrouzi who sponsors a contest and anyone can win a brand new MacBook Air of Apple. It is the thinnest notebook with better graphics and more storage.

This MacBook is priced by several stores between $999.00 to $2,700. So, imagine if I can win this grand notebook, it will be a pride I can boost around!

So, if you wish to win this yourself, why don't you leave Ben Behrouzi a comment that you wish to be counted in his contest and join him in Twitter. I just followed him in Twitter, so I will have that equal chance of getting this prized notebook. Their contest will run until March 31, 2009 and the grand winner will be announced then. What are you waiting for? Get counted!