Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get a Free and Protected Email Service

I work with my emails all the time. I exchange communications with my students, administrators, and important people in the areas of academics and business among other recipients.

We have a lot of email accounts and they offer different services but we have been hearing too the issue of privacy and protection of all our communications and private information used by hackers, illegitimate organizations and spam users for unwanted services.

Internet is a free venue. No one owns nor controls it. That is why, valuable information of individuals and organizations are at great risks. We want to secure what is vital and significant to us. However, everything seems has a price tag nowadays.

We don't know exactly how our email accounts are used but I wonder a lot how I do get unwanted emails from unknown senders. More importantly, how virus can be encrypted and spread through unsecured emails.

I tried then Privacy Harbor with its free account. The subscription was quite easy and the environment is so simple, you can maximize the free account by their upgrades. I tried organizing my mails by creating folders. Best of all, this email service has a SnapGuard protection so you can actually approve or reject acceptance of incoming emails. I can also organize my schedules and tasks.


Now, what is also good with this email service is that you don't have to twist and turn your head and vision from all the advertisements you normally see from other email services. Big enterprises can really enjoy this service and get guaranteed protection.

I sent my first email to try this. Do you want email protection? Try this!