Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun FAT-Zipline Adventure in Davao City

The Davao City and GenSan City Bloggers for Zipline Adventure

Last Saturday, the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers' Community painted Davao City red with the Food Appreciation Tour (FAT) in partnership with Davao bloggers. We left very early in the morning for Davao City whose Foundation Day was March 16. We met the other Davao City bloggers in Outland Adventure Area where we had the stiff climb ( I was all catching my breath since it's 45 degree-inclination.

The stiff climb was more gruesome than the zipline!waaaaaah! They want us to smile still! They must be kidding!

All yelling from my way down to the full stop!

The Zipline was 200feet above waters and almost a kilometer distance. We wore our gears, but I was all terrified with the height but I did not want to miss the fun, so I still tried it. I took the sitting position instead of the superman poise. Mind you, the digicam I was holding only had the vision of the sky.Hahhahhahha!

Sumptuous lunch at Ranchero's! The Best Backribs and Seafoods I had by far tasted!

It was really fun, then we went to dine at Ranchero where we had the yummiest Angus platter, and seafood viands amidst elegant place, then we proceeded to the classy kasagingan, then to Crocodile Park, and dined again at Ram's where we had the tastiest pancit, white marlin fillet and salad.

Dinner at Ram's! The best White Marlin cook and pancit we tried!

We went home early morning with tummy aches from the food I took but we had the most fun from this tour. We hope to have this again here in GenSan City.