Sunday, March 8, 2009

SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers' Community Striked Again

A chat with Ate Jinky, a fellow blogger from DOLE
The General Brew's frontline
Their Tripple Yummy Sandwich

And my French Kiss Creamy Coffee, Hmnnnn!

As an offshoot to MBS2, the community had been seeing each other a lot. Thanks to Bariles, who took the initiative to convene us whenever we can. Each meeting bring us new faces, and with that new friends in the list. It is really different when we actually meet the blogger in person. But, the initial introduction only led to prolonged conversation. LOL!

So, last Friday, we were invited to General's Brew, a new coffee shop along Pioneer Avenue. This store is quite popular for its Coffee Luak. Coffee Luak is a coffee made from the poof or droppings of a Luak, a mongoose which is endimic in most parts of Asia. The mongoose eats only the ripest and most matured beans and which are excreted partially digested after a few hours. And the plantation workers will retrieve them for immediate roasting. They say, this is the most expensive coffee. Now, you know why? Hahhahahah! (I still have to write more about this special creature!)

The coffee shop has this ambiance of elegance and exclusion. We seemed to be in a different part of the world because the place is so grand but their offerings are quite cheap. I loved the French Kiss Coffee that they served me and the complementing Strombol! Yum! Yum! Hahahahh! I asked my sister, Tammy that we will hang out again in this place.

As usual, the gathering went through with the chats, meals and more poises!!!! You can say, we are already a family! We look forward to more gatherings and gimmicks! Cheers to all bloggers and friends!